Cicero Festival 2019

The annual Cicero Festival and Parade were held on Saturday, June 15, 2019. The quarter-mile parade route route started on Brewerton Road (Route 11) at Crabtree Lane and ended at Sacred Heart Church, the site of the festival. The parade and festivities were well-attended by citizens of the Town of Cicero, with many local businesses showing off their wares and services. Our Democratic committee marched and passed out candy to everyone in attendance.

From left to right: Nate Riley (D, WFP), Judy Boyke (D, WFP), and Joyce Villnave (D)

Our candidates making headlines

The Eagle Star Review prominently featured our candidates, unanimously nominated at our committee’s caucus, in the May 15, 2019 edition. We look forward to hearing more from Judy, Nate, and Joyce about how to make our town more transparent, fair, and economically vibrant!

If you would like to meet our candidates, please join us at our Spring fundraiser this Sunday, May 19, 2019, from 100p-500p at the North Syracuse Community Center, 700 South Bay Road, North Syracuse. We will have open discussion of issues important to you, and plenty of desserts and drinks! Admission to the event is $20 to support Democratic candidates in Cicero, Clay, and Salina! Come one, come all!

Joyce Villnave (D) for Town Councilor

 I’ve been a Cicero resident since August 1990 and work as a Systems Consultant for Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES. I’ve been with BOCES for 7 years. Also, I have experience as a buyer, legal secretary, customer service representative, and owner of my own business.

I have the same issues I had in 2017: reining in the budget of the new highway garage, and the budget in general; monitoring Cicero’s growth in an effort to ensure the Town’s infrastructure is not over-taxed and that the growth makes sense; and improving the Town’s communication with the citizens of Cicero. I believe that just because the Republicans are offering a new slate of candidates this year, doesn’t mean they’re likely to change the tax and spend policies of the current administration. It’s time for a change. 

Judy Boyke (D, WFP) for Town Supervisor

         Judy A. Boyke is a life resident of Cicero, living on Muskrat Bay Road in Brewerton. She is married with 3 grown children, 7 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren.  Mrs. Boyke retired from General Electric/Martin Marietta Company after 33 years. Judy is a licensed New York State Real Estate salesperson, and is the small business owner of Slick Stitch custom embroidery. She has served as a Director and Chair of the Professional Ethics board on the Greater Syracuse Board of Realtors.  Judy is involved with several organizations, including the South Shore Association, serving as president of the Auxiliary, Divine Mercy Choir, Cicero Historical Society, Oneida Lake Association, Lockheed Martin Employees association, just to name a few.

         Judy was previously elected Cicero Supervisor, serving from 2010-2011, and is currently a Cicero Town Councilperson.   Judy has never lost sight of her pursuit to bring Cicero residents the “Quality of Life” that they deserve.  Judy has attended all but 3 Cicero Town Board meetings since 2011, and has continued to be the “Voice of the People,” bringing the concerns of Cicero Residents to the forefront that would otherwise go ignored by Cicero government.   Judy has also kept residents informed of the impact town government actions would have on them and our community.

          Judy took the initiative to challenge current Supervisor Mark Venesky, and submitted a Petition signed by Cicero voters to force a Public Referendum, allowing Cicero Residents the right to vote on whether the town should borrow $10 million dollars to spend on a new highway garage.  This was the first time in the history of the Town of Cicero that town government was required to let the voters decide, and is only one example of Judy continuously representing the rights of the people. 

         Given Judy’s experience in private business, as a former Cicero Supervisor, and a current Cicero Town Councilperson, Judy is uniquely qualified to lead Cicero government.   Judy has proven that she will not be intimidated, will continue to ask the tough questions, force the town board to publicly discuss the many issues that affect Cicero residents, including the construction of apartment complexes, and the terrible traffic congestion.  It is time for Cicero to get their “Quality of Life and Voice Back” by electing Judy Boyke as Cicero Supervisor this November.   

New Year, New Cicero

You want to rein in reckless, runaway spending in the Town of Cicero. You want your elected officials to create opportunities for your family, not three Cicero Town Board members, all Republicans, that voted for a 2019 budget that gave themselves raises with taxpayer dollars. You want a thriving community in the town you call home, not headlines about Town of Cicero public officials putting down dogs. You want safety, freedom, prosperity, and transparency without disrespectful bickering and infighting.

We want that too. Join us as we work to elect the next generation of leaders in the Town of Cicero and on the Onondaga County Legislature. Contact us via facebook, twitter, or email (links at the bottom of this page) to join our growing movement to tighten fiscal belts and promote safety, prosperity, and open government. With your help, we will elect hard working people like you and work toward our common goal of a diverse, thriving community. New Year, New You, New Cicero!