Fellow Candidates for Cicero

On this Early Voting eve, I’d like to say a few words about the other candidates on the Town of Cicero ballot.

To start with, I hope you’ve had a chance to speak with Matt Johnson. Matt is running for County Legislature in the 3rd District. Matt has vitality and enthusiasm. When you speak with Matt, you feel like he was meant to serve; that people are and always will be his first priority. I believe Matt is someone who will put people before profit in his decision making process. And, if you message Matt on Facebook, he will answer you. I know because he answered me – quickly.

The other County Legislature candidate appearing on the ballot in Cicero is Jana Rogers who’s running for the 5th District. Jana is an educator and still finds time to be so involved in her community that she felt a need to run for the County Legislature. She has the drive and energy to do an excellent job.

If you look at the endorsements Matt and Jana have accumulated, you can tell I’m not the only one impressed with them!

Judy Boyke is running for re-election as Cicero Town Councilor. Judy has years of experience with our town government and has lived here all her life. Her opponents have spent a good chunk of change throwing shade at her.

It appears the Cicero Town Board Republican candidates’ entire campaign strategy is to spread innuendo and scare people rather than talk about issues, or plans for the future of our town.

If you haven’t had the chance to speak with us and you have questions, please contact us.

Matt Johnson (website) (facebook)

Jana Rogers (website)

Judy Boyke (facebook)

Joyce Villnave (facebook)