Contractors Coming Home to Roost

Contractors have been very busy at Town Board and Planning Board meetings lately.

Guy Hart, Jr. of the Lakeshore Yacht and Country Club who has proposed an unspecified number of housing units on the golf course on Lakeshore Rd, as well as folks proposing the Montroy PUD on Rte 31 were back in front of the Town Board on October 13.

The Hoerner Farmstead is back before the Planning Board on Wednesday, October 20.

Trey Jay (Marina Development) was in for a subdivision on October 6.

You may remember that Judy Boyke was working on a Comprehensive Plan, when the other board members voted to do it in-house. That was on June, 21, 2021 and the Comprehensive Plan died there and then.

On August 25, 2021, during public input at the Town Board meeting, after they had missed their own deadline to report back, I called for the Board to enact a local law prohibiting large developments until such time as the Comprehensive Plan is complete. They did not even bother to comment.

If the voters of the Town of Cicero continue to elect officials who ignore what the citizens are saying, we’ll end up like Solvay…just an extension of the city.

A comprehensive plan does not just deal with zoning and planning. It includes building and maintaining infrastructure and revenue building. It includes all aspects of town government. Cicero is in dire need of review and direction.

Really, the choices are clear – stay with the same old, same old – or vote in different priorities and vision. #VoteVillnave