Re-Elect Judy Boyke

Judy Boyke (D) – Cicero Town Councilor

Judy Boyke has formally announced her candidacy for Re-Election as Councilor for the Town of Cicero. Keep “YOUR VOICE FOR CICERO” alive.

Her voice has resonated loud and clear for the Town of Cicero residents.  She is extremely proud to have accepted the endorsements from the Democratic Party,  Conservative Party and the Veterans Council.

Since 2009 being elected Supervisor Town of Cicero, through today Judy has displayed a composed temperament insisting on “Open Government”! She is bipartisan by nature, always engaging in open discussion at all board meetings. Regardless of the outcome, Judy has always made it clear, her commitment as a Public Servant to represent the people who put her in the current position as Councilor – Town of Cicero.

Her dedication as a Public Servant, rather than a career politician, speaks for itself. She is proud to say she has attended all Town Board meetings except 3 since 2009. Attending as many Planning Board meetings is the only way to be up to date on development in the Town of Cicero.

Even though she was not an elected official throughout those years, she continued to be vocal making sure that the Town of Cicero residents had a VOICE!

Her experience with General Electric for 33 years, as a private business owner for over 30 years in the Town of Cicero, a life resident and 12 years of municipal experience far outweighs all other candidates.

Some recent major accomplishments have been her involvement in the Brewerton Revitalization Project, filing a petition to give the residents the opportunity to vote for the new highway garage, plus continued advocacy with the traffic, drainage and flooding issues.

The most important accomplishment has been successfully introducing and passing a resolution to update/create a Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Cicero.  A Citizens Committee has been voted to complete this intense project.  This is the most important component the Town of Cicero needs.  With this plan the issues the Town faces with land use, zoning, controlled development, traffic & drainage, plus the most important “Quality of Life for residents will finally be addressed. 

She also helped placed a 1 year moratorium on the development of commercial Solar Farms in the Town of Cicero. Having a new Comprehensive Plan in place will describe the proper location/ land use for these projects plus others. 

Please feel free to visit her website to get involved in her re-election campaign!

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