Town and County

In New York, we finally have early voting. In Onondaga County, we have 6 early voting sites. The republican lead county legislature refuses to increase the number of sites, even though the funds are available. Why is that?

When the issue first arose, I asked my town supervisor, at the time it was Mark Venseky, why he was not advocating for a spot in Cicero…a town with approximately 20,000 registered voters. He said he had not been approached. Really? You have to be approached to advocate?

Councilwoman Judy Boyke brought a measure before the town board to make the town available as an early voting site. She was shot down. 

As a result of our republican lead town board consistently refusing to ask/allow a site in the town of Cicero, we get to travel to the town of Clay – the closest early voting site – to cast our votes. Since Clay is also a large town, this often leads to long lines. 

Last year, on a Saturday morning, I brought my sister who lives in Baldwinsville to vote at the Clay Town Hall. We were there well before the building opened and the line was already through the parking lot and to the Clay Town Highway garage.

I ask again. Why would our republican lead county and town governments not want to service their constituents by making voting convenient?