A Couple of County Issues to Think About

 County. The Syracuse Common Council passed a resolution to form an independent committee to redraw district lines after the 2020 Census. Although 9 of the 11 Republican County Legislators signed this pledge: “I pledge my support for non-partisan and independent redistricting in the County of Onondaga. If elected, I will work to ensure fair and representative County Legislature districts.”. 

Why was this vote important? Take a look at the County Legislative District Map. Some of those districts weave and wander in all directions. This is done to keep as many districts as possible mostly Republican and/or Republican leaning. 

Of the 11 Republicans (9 pledge to support this measure before they were last elected), not one republican joined the 6 democrats and the measure was defeated 6 yes, 11 no. Is your legislator one of them? May, Holmquist, Bush, Jordan, Rowley, Burtis, Tassone, Code, Abbott-Kenan, and Knapp.

The other issue, close to my heart, was the vote that allowed Ryan McMahon to let go up to 250 county employees in the midst of a pandemic. There was no looking for other solutions – like Syracuse’s 4 furlough days. Syracuse employees shared the burden and saved jobs. But 9 county legislators voted to cut up to 250 jobs. I wonder if they’ve used any of the surplus to bring them all back? 

My guess is many of those jobs were union jobs. The employees and unions were never given a chance to negotiate. At the same session, the legislature made several appointments. 

Just a couple of things to think about.