Cicero Town Board Meeting

by Joyce Villnace

If you left the virtual Cicero Town Board Meeting of February 10, 2021 after the nearly 2 hour public hearing on the Horner Farmstead proposed zone change run by Mr. Bragman, you left way too soon!

Along with a third public hearing that didn’t make the agenda, there were “two late breaking items” Councilman Jonathan Karp brought up at the end of the meeting. One was a donation for ballistic shields for the police department, the other was to reestablish the Deputy Supervisor position the same board abolished in the September 9, 2020 meeting.

Councilors Boyke and Becallo seemed stunned that the Deputy Supervisor resolution was on the agenda. The resolution was read by Mr. Karp and seconded by Councilor White.

Ms. Boyke opened the discussion saying this resolution needed more discussion and that she felt pressured to vote before talking with the Town Attorney or going into executive session for further discussion.

Mr. Becallo said he preferred the resolution be put up as a public referendum in November and asked what the real reasons were that this was being proposed at this meeting. You could almost hear a chorus of “good government” coming from Karp, White, and Meyer. Ms. Boyke mused that Ms. White seemed to have been informed, implying that Ms. Boyke and Mr. Becallo had been left out of the loop. 

Mr. Becallo insisted the real reasons be disclosed. Ms. White asked Mr. Becallo to enlighten us as to the real reasons.

When pressed, Mr. Karp said it was a “reasonable request” of Supervisor Meyer in order to get him to sign the Police Contract. Mr. Becallo reiterated that Mr. Meyer has refused to sign any contracts until his demands were met. The resolution passed 3 (Karp, White, Meyer) to 2 (Boyke, Becallo).

So, who will be the new Deputy Supervisor? Most money is on Mike Mirizio being appointed Deputy Supervisor since he has already chaired a meeting (January 13, 2021) in order to enhance his candidacy for Town Councillor. However, since Mr. Mirizio is an ad hoc member of the Planning Board, and they can already have him sitting on the Zoom meetings, even though he doesn’t participate (as they have the last several meetings), my money’s on Mike Aregano who’s the Republican candidate for Town Supervisor.

We’ll know soon enough and then Mr. Meyer can be “unavailable” and the entire slate of Republican candidates can be front and center through November.