Joyce Villnave (D) for Town Councilor

 I’ve been a Cicero resident since August 1990 and work as a Systems Consultant for Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES. I’ve been with BOCES for 7 years. Also, I have experience as a buyer, legal secretary, customer service representative, and owner of my own business.

I have the same issues I had in 2017: reining in the budget of the new highway garage, and the budget in general; monitoring Cicero’s growth in an effort to ensure the Town’s infrastructure is not over-taxed and that the growth makes sense; and improving the Town’s communication with the citizens of Cicero. I believe that just because the Republicans are offering a new slate of candidates this year, doesn’t mean they’re likely to change the tax and spend policies of the current administration. It’s time for a change.